How Men Should Dress Today

This is the first blog post and I am excited to see where this is going to take you and me. I plan on updating my blog as much as possible but there are no promises for every day. I am going to take us on a journey of my style that is based off of how a man should dress today. A man is someone who is stable and my goal is to make you look, not be, but look like a luxurious stable man. Women want stability in their lives and looking stable is just one step to being closer. I plan on incorporating self confidence within you by giving advice on things that might be outside your comfort zone but that are still completely within your capabilities. I have tips, ideas, and intentions for my fellow bloggers and hopefully you enjoy reading my post more then feeling like you should read my post. Also I plan on updating people on the successes that go on in my life as I try to grow to a professional level. If anyone has any ideas, I am also very open to doing a topic if I share the same views. Enjoy!!

Sincerely, James St. Laurent


5 thoughts on “How Men Should Dress Today

  1. You were right, your blog is really, really good. I hope you’re doing well, James. I’d really like to hear from you sometime again soon.


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