Hand Me Downs

Quote of the Day
When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.
-George Washington Carver

I recently was given a pair of vintage special edition boots made by Red Wing for calf ropers from my step dad so I decided that my first lesson would be on hand me downs. I love my boots! They add a rustic element into my style which is always great for looking like a man. If you are like me there isn’t a chance that I would pass up on a new piece of clothing to add to my wardrobe. I mean would you? However there are certain steps you should take when addressing the subject of hand me downs.  Many people get so many types of clothes from hand me downs, some that are too big, too small, very nice, and not at all. There is a reason that hand me downs are so great. That is what this log is for. Some people think gross, you want me to wear someone else’s clothes? YES!!!….. They are clothes!!! They are meant to be worn….. That is why clothes are made. Plus they are cheap, like free cheap. Then people argue but ya it looks worn. I agree if it is worn out then I’ll explain what to do with it but rugged wear is an exception. For instance worn isn’t always a bad thing guys. When leather is worn it looks good, it doesn’t look brand new, but it’s a different character now and that doesn’t mean it looks bad.  If you are one of those people that have never considered hand me downs, have plenty of hand me downs, or has never been considered for hand me downs, then this is a great step in starting a new look for yourself or if you want to help out someone else. The first place that you can begin to look for hand me downs is your families closet, hopefully the same sex, or your friends. This does not mean start rummaging through their closet as soon as you read this, while they walk in with a cup of coffee like “John.. how did you get in? That is my tie… and it’s 6:00 in the morning.”. Ok, that is not cool.  First ask them if they have any clothes they just don’t like to wear anymore that they wouldn’t mind giving to you. It’s a great way to clean up their closet and help someone out all in the same process. Then when you are looking at all your hand me downs, spread out across your bed in a big heaping pile, and you ask yourself, “What do I even keep?” you can start by going through these steps. The first step, is that you get rid of anything that doesn’t fit, I do not care if you have found the mother ship almighty heavenly shirt of alllll shirts you put that sucker in the goodwill basket . To many times have I seen the wrong sized clothes on people and it throws off the outfits potential of looking beyond just good but great. You go from sexy to slob that quick. This all stems from either a letter, S,M,L or a number 1-40, whatever your pant/shoesize is. After you have all of the clothes that fit then you can address the way it appears. The first thing I am going to ask of you is to look and see if the shirt, pants, tie, whatever it is ,that was given to you, is still vibrant in color. This is not talking about rugged wear. That is an exception. If it isn’t vibrant in color then throw it in the Goodwill basket. Lastly check the texture. If it has been stretched, scratched, or has collected little cotton balls all over it from being worn so often then feed it to the goodwill basket. Finally, you have worked out all of the pointless clothing now you can determine what actually looks good and is worth your while. Find someone who has an attraction towards you or that is always dressed very nicely. Then you can ask them for an honest opinion if it looks good. Make sure that it isn’t someone who will baby their answer. You will want an honest opinion or every thing that you just went through will be for nothing. If you don’t have anyone to go to for an honest opinion then go to Platoes Closet and  bring the selection of clothes that are left. Tell them you want to sell your clothes, you are not actually selling them. However they will decide what is fashionable based off of what they will want to keep. This is when you can say never mind I think I will just keep the clothes and you can keep the ones that they selected for their shop, the rest of the clothes that Platoes Closet didn’t want to buy, well you know what to do with them.

Ghost Rider Out,

James St. Laurent


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