The Wonders Of Being Soft

Quote of the Day

 Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open.
-John Barrymore

As I am sitting in my buddies warm dorm, at the University of Missouri in Columbia, wondering what to write for my next blog I can feel a creeping chill wafting in from the outside through the, not so effective, slush beaten window. I was curled up on the futon with a pen and a notebook wearing my soft cotton sweater, hoodie, and the most necessary factor in my life in order for me to survive…sweatpants. It was right then that I decided it would be on the wonders of being soft. I had this sense of peace when I was sitting there in my cozy clothes while it snowed outside. This sense of calmness relatable to when one is outside enjoying the warm rain drip over their cold body or when one wakes up from the best nap of their life in a crisp bed at a 5 star resort. It had something to do with the comfort of the soft cotton pressed against my skin.

You know, your clothes have a lot to do with the way you feel. That is a statement not a rhetorical question. You do know that all ready, you probably just haven’t realized the connection between clothes and feelings. It’s shown most apparently in the simplest ways too. When a baby is wrapped in rough clothing it cries out because the baby is irritated and it affects the brain in a negative way. Even though that would be bearable to us. Another common scenario is when you are rocking a nice suit and you can see girls giving you the eye and people paying you compliments that you never even knew paid attention to you in the first place. You feel like you are on top of the world. That is because your clothes can define how you act and feel throughout your day.

Today though, we are going to talk about how the wonders of being soft can make you feel and what kind of clothes to look for. Now, to get started, not every man in the world has the greatest fashion sense. This does not mean all hope is lost. Luckily there are plenty of people out there in the world that do. If you finish reading this but still find yourself at a cross road wondering what clothes fit you after this segment, then find someone with a good fashionable gene and the ability to be obnoxiously honest. It might be a love hate relationship but trust me they are going to do you a favor. You are going to start to notice that as you incorporate the wonders of being soft into your lifestyle that it has majestic qualities that work happiness into your daily life. It could be the catch of a girls glance at you from inside the coffee shop as she imagines resting her head on the soft fabric strewn across your chest or that moment you get into your car and away from the cold outside weather to the assurance of the warm cotton on your arms. For some reason girls love soft things. It’s “cute” or whatever that means. It draws them in like a venus fly trap and when they feel the fabric on you…. snap!!!! You have got them! They get drawn in and can’t get away. Women love soft things, you love soft things, and your confidence loves soft things. It is a win win.

Just in case you don’t know the first step in looking for soft clothes then start with what it is made of. Four of the softest things that come to my mind when I think of a soft fabric is tweed, cotton, silk, and wool. If you find something however that is none of these and you are wondering if it is soft, you can feel the clothing. Go on, rub your fingers across the fabrics. The smoother it is the more soft and if you are able to recognize the differentiations in the cloth it means it is rough. I always go through stores spotting clothes that already have cool designs but catch myself naturally touching the fabric to feel its smoothness. The feel of the clothing means just as much to me as it does the way it looks. I want to love the way it feels on me just as much as the way it looks. It gives me maximum results in happiness and positive comments from others. When it comes to soft fabrics it usually means that it has a stretch capability to it also. This means that you are going to want clothes that fit and in all of the right places.




Soft Silk

If the shirt you get is too long then you are going to look like a clown. If the shirt you get is too small then you are going to look like a teenage cheerleader. The bottom of the shirt should go right down to the top of your pockets.


Then you want it to show off your assets. Youre looking to show off your chest, arms, shoulders/back, not however your abs. If you are wearing a shirt so tight that your abs are bulging out then you will look goofy. People will know that you are wearing something too small just to impress people with your abs and it will really just backfire. Showing off your best asset is not your best way of maximizing results. If you leave a little flap to your shirt that comes down, where your chest raises the shirt away from the belly, then it eventually will fall on your abs showing them off. It will also not show them off all of the time.

To Small



Correct Size^

When a girl can see your best asset only when your shirt allows it, you can bet you will have her attention. She will want to keep an eye out for when it happens so that she can see your best asset, your abs. That is not the case, however, if it is sportswear that is meant to be skin tight. Also, your shirt should feel a little snug where your chest and armpit meet. That snugness is where your shirt is tightening from your chest muscles bulging and it looks very appealing. Also don’t be scared of v-necks unless you have literally two inches of wild chest hair.

Its ok to Manscape


If you are a gorrilla then it might not be in the best interest for you. Also if you are just starting out trying out v-necks I would suggest not going past a three inch drop from the normal neckline.


Your short sleeves should fit snug with room for a pencil to fit in between the sleeve and the arm. If your arms are too small then pinch off the excess in between your fingers and you should have no more than three fingers of excess hanging loose. Now the shoulders are also an important asset. If your shirt fits correctly then the back of you, starting from the waist leading up to the shoulders, should look like a V.  If the shoulders are too long then everything looks saggy. If the shoulders are too small then she will be scared your shirt is going to rip every time you laugh. You will be like a tightly packed bratwurste ready to pop. How one can tell if the shoulders of the shirt are too long or too short is by the seams that run from your neck across the top of your trap muscles to a bony knob on the top of their shoulder. If that seam ends before that bony knob or goes past it and is at the upper part of your arm resting in the middle of the shoulders muscle then get rid of it. Its either too small or too big.

Too Big

shoulder to long

A lot of men in the world don’t know what to do when it comes to shopping for themselves. There are a lot of different styles that you can choose for soft clothes to wear and surely you can find something.

Some of my favorites are v-neck t-shirts, speckled knit sweaters, v-neck sweaters, long sleeve three button ups, thin quarter zip sweaters, zip up hoodies, sweatpants, and just regular cotton white tees. If you are wondering what colors to go with then I usually just look to nature for the answers. When looking at a forest you see black, green, brown, grey, and tan in all different types of shades. These are generally safe colors. I would suggest staying away from wild colors that are not usually found in nature if you are playing it safe. These colors are lime green, bright yellow, bright orange, bright pink to list a few. These colors can be worn and made to look good but if you don’t know how to style yourself then just play it safe. Some other colors that are in nature that are generally safe are also in the ocean. Black, greys, blues, purples, and greens are all colors found in the ocean and are typically safe colors to play with. Speckled cotton is life. Google images can help you get a visual of any of the things I am talking about if you do not have knowledge of them.


The Altered Man,


James St. Laurent


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