Ties For The Tenacious 

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The people who influence you are the people who believe in you.

-Henry Drummond

Ties for the Tenacious

There’s an unspoken rule in the world about alpha males and beta’s. If you have ever watched Talladega Nights then you would know this rule, more commonly referred to and always said in a strong southern accent as, “Ricky Bobby if you ain’t first, you’re last!!”. This is a standard rule in society. When two or more guys are going after a job, or a girl, one either gets it or he doesn’t. The one who gets the girl or the job is the alpha male meaning first in Latin. The guy who doesn’t has lost. This guy is beta, meaning second. One common trait in an alpha male is tenacity. The ability to be persistent and have a strong hold on things. When we fail in life we learn from our mistakes. It could be getting turned down by a girl or not getting a job. A male that is persistent learns from his mistakes quicker so that he becomes better than he was before. He knows how to not make the same mistakes twice. Therefore training himself to become alpha.

In this segment I am going to talk about ties for the tenacious. When you are wearing a tie you should feel your best and have the confidence to accomplish any mission with flying colors. I can’t promise that it will get you a job or a girl but it’s definitely one step closer to being in the right direction and it can’t hurt. First impressions are everything and if it’s not impressive then you have not impressed a memorable thought about you in their head. These tie tips can change some elemental factors like lowering the confidence of your competition or the confidence of a girl just because of a first impression that you have left on them due to your clothes. I know that there have been times when I am in a room with a very beautiful girl who looked like a model, while I am sitting there in my sweatpants in awe at her as she stares at a guy in a nice suit making me look pitiful beyond belief. For the non tenacious man it would bother them to not get that attention for themselves and he would do nothing about it. These tie tips will get you off of that seat and allow you the courage to become that tenacious figure and talk to her.


Ties That Fit Your Body Type


There are some big boys in the world. There are also plenty of short boys. Some that have a six pack of beer belly and some that have a six pack of muscle. Not every tie is meant for every person. You should base the shape of your ties always off of the build of your body. Now personally I have never been a fan of wider ties. I have just always felt that the proportions are off. On the other hand, I am a smaller build. For people that have a wider waist, ties that get wider as the move towards the waist proportionally do look good. This proportional unbalance isn’t because of your belly, tiewidthlapelbut is usually because of your lapels. Hopefully though I can inspire you to try thinner ties. The widest part of your tie should never be wider than the widest part of your lapel. Like so…^ If you take a closer look though, you can see how thick the diamond is around the neck. It looks like a 5 pound weight of silk. That is not to say we can’t wear skinnier ties. I prefer a smaller diamond around the neck. This allows a more proportional look when it mirrors the angle of the lapels more. Like so…tiewidthtwo

Then we have the skinny guy. Skinny ties are nice because they can work with anyone.. You big guys be careful with skinny ties. It will float over to one side of the belly to much and look goofy. It could also cost people’s ability to take you seriously when not


 wearing your suit jacket. Skinny guys look very nice in skinny ties because it is proportional with their body type. Notice the lapels. ^ Proportions guys.


Know What You Want People To Think


When I see someone wearing a tie but not wearing it the way they should then it tells me something about themselves. Keeping a tightly tied tie, pressed firmly up against your neck in addition to the proper length, tells me, you mean business. When I see someone whose top button is unbuttoned on their shirt, tie is loosened to show the neckloop, and the tie isn’t the proper length, then it’s easy to tell that that person doesn’t look like he is ready to work at all. It shows carelessness and sloppiness. Movies use this look in Hollywood to depict poverty or a non stable man. Do not wear this look.  When looking for a photo to represent this I typed in Sloppy Businessman on Google images and this is only one of the many that came up..


The length of your tie should always reach the middle of your belt buckle. If you have to tie it a hundred times to get your tie tied neat and pressed firmly against your neck with the correct length then you better do it. It will be worth it. It is the small things that will take a great tie and turn it into a great tie that looks bad. Do them and you will see a smile on your girls face like never before. Keep your ties the right length and your diamonds tight with a smaller knot. That is if you are going for a more serious look. For a more casual look one can wear a tie loosely showing the neck strap for instance with a white button up. Unbuttoned at the top


and untucked for a more casual stylish look.

This is styling in a high/low manor^, something I just learned working at Banana Republic. High/Low means you are combining things from the professional world with the casual world. Professional would be the white button up and the tie, while casual are the jeans, Converse shoes, and cardigan.

Get Crazy With Your Ties


If you think about it, when you walk into a store that has numerous ties on the shelf you start to realize when looking at them, there are probably twenty to even a hundred ties to choose from just for you. Now imagine every other store in the world that sells ties. If you were in those stores then you would have a new variety but even more amounts to choose from at your disposal. That’s a lot of ties in this world that range in all sorts of colors, patterns, widths, and  textures just for you to choose from. Colors can be tricky for some people because people tend to go with what is easiest. What is easiest for most people is matching your tie with the same color of your shirt. We have all seen it where the office guy comes in with a baby blue shirt on and a baby blue striped tie. Go become tenacious!! Strive to catch people’s attention and establish yourself. If you don’t then you will be like every normal Joe. If you are here to make a difference then listen to me. The point of styling is to be creative with your colors and textures in a way that it stands out from the norm. When styling I suggest doing a light to dark method. If your shirt is light then make your tie dark and vice versa. After you follow this rule you can play around with textures.


I like wearing a red checkered shirt with a black knit tie to complete the light and dark method while incorporating the texture element.This way you can change the color of your tie to be separate from the color of your shirt. There are ties that have entrancing sheens to them and ties that have been beautifully woven. Some of my favorite tie materials are knitted, silk, wool, and cotton.


knit ties



wool ties



silk ties


cotton ties



My favorite thing to do is striving to be unique. Go outside your comfort zone with some crazy ties that have materials you wouldn’t think to use, however you still have to pull it off fashionably so be careful..


Check out these crazy leather ties


Don’t Get Too Crazy

Please people stay away from the scenery ties unless it pertains to an event you are going to. Any tie that isn’t a pattern, strip, or solid can usually be claimed as a bad tie. Some ties to this link are an exception. https://www.google.com/search?q=tie+knots&rlz=1CAACAG_enUS623US623&espv=2&biw=1366&bih=633&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=313NVOrIJcmXyAS9yID4CA&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ#tbm=isch&q=bad+ties&imgdii=_


Keeping It Fresh


The tie is probably the second most noticed thing after your face. So when you have your game face on then you need to have your tie face on. This means keeping creases from happening in your ties, stains, and knowing your knots.  There are plenty of mistakes made when cleaning ties that people get themselves into but can’t get themselves out of. Some spills are just going to be beyond repair, but some can be removed. You also must make sure to not wear the tie out when cleaning it. If you scrub too hard the threads will fall apart. If you stain your tie then you should blot it with a handkerchief or moistened washcloth. DO NOT rub it in!! Blot it! Otherwise you will just soak the stain into the fabric more. Sometimes you can soak the tie in water but most will shrink, so you have to be careful with what material you are using. If you use a cleaning agent then use a small amount and in a place where it won’t be seen to make sure it doesn’t make a negative impact on the tie.

For keeping creases from happening in your ties the best option is to not allow it to happen in the first place. I have made the mistake of tying my ties to be the perfect length and knot but never getting around to untying them. That has been a huge mistake on my part because it has ruined my ties leaving them with scared creases for life. Always untie your ties and roll them or hang them. Rolling is the better option for traveling. For ironing ties look to http://www.totieatie.com/ironTie.asp

If you are looking to portray a sense of experience when wearing your tie then it is helpful to know your knots. If you wear the easiest knots, like a four in hand knot, then it shows little experience but with knots like the Half Windsor and the Full Windsor people will think you have been doing it long enough to know what you are doing. My favorite is the Half Windsor because of its sleekness. These are the four knots you should at least have under your belt.

all knots

Hopefully with these tie tips you can incorporate them into your life and start to feel a sense of tenacity come over yourself. All I want is to make a difference in this world by improving peoples lives. If this post doesn’t pertain to you then please find someone whose life it will make a difference in. Whether this is a desperate wife looking to show proof to their husband, or a guy wanting to know how to dress like a man in today’s world please share it with them. If you agree with anything I say or think parts of it are funny then please comment. I really enjoy seeing people appreciate my work and it will help the awareness of my blog grow. Thank you so much for reading.


P.S. I want to say thank you to Miranda for stimulating my creativity to spread with my bloggers.

The Lone Ranger,


James St. Laurent


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